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Maisie McKenzie

Maisie McKenzie lives in London and has been involved in the DATA-CAN PPIE Group since January 2020.

Maisie has an interest in PPIE, in particular how safely managed stored and safeguarded patient data is used in research, clinical trials in order to improve care, service delivery and improve health outcomes for patients as part of the process for managing their own health and well being.

The majority of Maisie’s work experience has been in the NHS with some experience in the third sector. She is currently working as an approved Adult Mental Health First Aid Associate and Trainer with Mental Health First Aid (England), delivering evidenced based mental health first aid training in both the private and the public sector, so she is familiar with a range of workplace settings, organisations and cultures.

Maisie is particularly passionate about engaging communities in the debate around patient safety in regards to safe management of data, as well as data sharing. She is particularly interested in engaging communities who are not traditionally involved in participating in research or having their views heard or listened to. This may be due to not being invited, not made aware or engaged in the process and not recognising and made aware that their contribution is valued and valuable.

Being a member of the DATA-CAN PPIE Group is a wonderful opportunity for Maisie to influence the strategic agenda of the Group which are being co-developed with the views of patients, carers and the public – particularly the views of communities whose voices are seldom heard and do not historically take part or not always considered in taking part in research.