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Data services

Data services are vital to provide health researchers and practitioners with quality data that can innovate health services and improve patient outcomes.

What are our Priority Data Services?

Our priority data services focus on three main areas – Access, Infrastructure and Research.

How will we achieve our data service goals?

We have made important discoveries through our customer engagement in understanding the demand for specific cancer datasets. Cancer is a high priority for researchers and practitioners with a demand for rich, national scale data that covers the whole patient pathway. Improving the quality and access to this kind of data will have many benefits including:

Discoverable Datasets

To create the best quality datasets for use in health research, DATA-CAN works with a network of experienced data custodians across the UK. Working together, we are publishing discoverable datasets through the Health Data Research UK Innovation Gateway. The datasets are categorised under four headings:

Find out more about our datasets here

Importance of Data Service plans

Data Service plans are crucial in supporting researchers to carry out their work. Our Data Service plans benefit researchers in several ways:

How can you access data?

The Health Data Research Innovation Gateway has been created to bring together datasets and research from across the UK, with each of the individual Health Data Research Hubs contributing. By bringing all data controllers together under the HDR UK Alliance, we are making available data discoverable via the Gateway.

DATA-CAN works with the HDRUK to move away from the initial manual metadata format to deliver real-time metadata through fully documented open software. We are using coded cancer data with internationally recognised open standards that are provided to public health agencies.

Access is initially through existing data custodian processes with DATA-CAN providing support to users and resources to data custodians to reduce workflow delays.

Watch this video to find out more about the Health Data Research UK Innovation Gateway