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Supporting researchers and clinicians

We aim to make it faster and easier for researchers to bring together and interpret data from across the NHS securely.

The UK has one of the richest health data ecosystems in the world, however it is not always easy for researchers to access, analyse and draw conclusions from this appropriately. The data can be hard to find, incomplete and poor quality. It is often held in separate databases, and difficult to access due to lack of clarity about information governance, costs, and restrictions to use. DATA-CAN is working to improve this.

Improving access to cancer data

We are aiding data discovery for researchers by providing data sets for the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway.

The Gateway is a portal to find and request access to UK health datasets. It has been created with input from patients, the public, researchers and innovators working in health and care in the UK and provides detailed information about datasets, such as precise details of the data fields, and the legal basis for access.

We are working with the NHS, research institutes and charities to provide datasets that are discoverable through the Innovation Gateway. These datasets consist of site specific, population specific and whole pathway exemplars as well as novel data sources.

Making health data more usable for research

We are supporting researchers and data users to agree access to data efficiently by supplying:

We enable data to be used by bringing together and organising specific datasets to specific user needs, with the permission of the data controller – the organisation that controls the procedures and purpose of data use.

DATA-CAN is not a data controller. All data access and services rely on the approval of existing UK data controllers. 

Supporting clinical trial matching

We are making the development of data-enabled infrastructure, such as IQVIA’s Cancer Data Network, easier, to ensure hospitals can use real-time data to offer cancer patients rapid access to optimal diagnostics and relevant clinical trials in a more robust and comprehensive way than ever before.

Data Services

Find out what our priority data services are, how we are supporting researchers with our data services plans and how you can access this data.