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Jacqui Gath

Jacqui Gath is a member of both the PPIE Group and the DATA-CAN Management Group.

After a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2003 and recovery from successful surgery, Jacqui attended a conference held by Professor Ahmedzai’s Sheffield-based Consumer Research Panel about research and how patients can not only participate in research but add the patient experience to help researchers design their studies. This was an excellent opportunity to add her voice to those of others who want to improve treatment outcomes.

A few years ago, it became apparent to Jacqui that the routine collection of patient data had given rise to a treasure trove that could unlock insights leading to faster diagnosis,  better treatment, and even a reduction in the cost of healthcare. This in turn should lead to longer life and better quality of life for patients. Thanks to bodies like HDRUK, DATA-CAN, and IQVIA, Jacqui feels we are at the point where we are starting to use that data for the further benefit of patients by using it to create AI systems which, for example, can use scanned images to diagnose the presence of disease.

Jacqui’s previous role in IT at a major financial institution provides a good background and understanding of the principles involved in this science, and importantly, the need to collect the right data and eliminate bias.

To date (2024), Jacqui is a past member of the Sheffield and Humberside Ethics Committee, sits on trial steering committees, is a past lay member of the Sheffield Cancer Clinical Trials Executive and Experimental Cancer Medicines Committee, and supports the work of local researchers in particular, including palliative care research. She also has experience of sitting on NIHR Funding Panels.

Jacqui has many other commitments in the field of patient advocacy nationally, and occasionally internationally. Current work includes several AI projects involving imaging, genomics, pathology, and documentation standards for datasets.

Patient and Public Involvement has changed immeasurably over the last 10 years, with patient representatives now welcome partners. Nowhere is this more evident than within DATA-CAN.

Pastimes include reading (especially science fiction), sewing, and gaming.