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Working with life science companies

We work with life sciences companies who bring important tools and services to support our work.

Cancer is the largest therapy area for commercial researchers, who develop better drugs, devices, and services to support cancer patients worldwide. 

The challenge

Life sciences companies often find it challenging to access health data in the UK as the process for accessing the data can be complicated and the data made available is not always ready for analysis. 

How we can help

DATA-CAN is giving life sciences companies an opportunity to use their skills and expertise to develop solutions to data challenges in partnership with the NHS and conduct the research needed to develop new treatments.   

Our way of working

We are a non-exclusive, national partnership. Life sciences companies do not get privileged access to health data through being a partner in DATA-CAN. Access to NHS data continues to be managed by data custodians (typically NHS trusts, research charities and others) who operate within strict protocols covering appropriate access to data, and respecting patients’ rights to opt out of their data being used for anything else but their direct care.

Who we work with